Frequently asked questions

Is Homoeopathic medicine slow to act?

Generally a Homoeopath in his/her practice gets more chronic cases than acute. Chronic cases take a longer time to get cured than acute cases. It is this, which has promoted the wrong image that "Homoeopathy is slow".

The Homoeopathic doctor gives the same white pills for all types of illnesses. How can they really be effective?

Depending on the illness, Homoeopaths medicate the sugar pills with different dilutions. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle or media for transfer of the medicine.

Can a diabetic patient take these medicines?

The diabetic patients can take the medicines, as the amount of sugar in globules taken daily is quite negligible. On the other hand most diabetic complications can be treated with proper Homeopathic medicines.

Are there any side effects of Homoeopathic medicines?

Generally there are no side effects of these medicines if they are prescribed under proper medical advice. However, a few deeper acting medicines can leave prolonged side effects if taken for a long time on wrong advice.

While taking Homoeopathic medicines can we take coffee or tea along with?

Coffee and tea should not be taken while chewing the medicines. You can consume tea or coffee half an hour either before or after the medication.