What People say

Mariet Rodrigues

(Msc MA BEd, Teacher in Milagres English High School Kallianpur)

Since Dr. Amina started practising in Udupi as a Homoeopath I have been her patient and friend.. I should say i am a firm believer in the efficacy of homoeopathy.. every health problem that i went to her for consultation has ended up with only positive results.. i think i should also make a special mention of the miraculous treatment of the wart problem my son had.. .. after that i have taken a number of other patients wth the same problem and all are happy with the treatment...i had also recommended a friend with menstrual problems .. happy to say that she is now the mother of 2 kids..i would like to recommend homoeopathy to all as there are no side effects to this treatment , and easy to take medicines...i wish Dr.Amina all the very best and all the people good health...

Mrs. Shanti Lewis

(HOD English ,Poornaprajna College , Udupi)

When you think of a Doctor in the modern day world, you would imagine a stern,grim looking, iron jawed face etched with cold apathetic eyes, peering through gold rimmed glasses. Dr. Amina Meer is curiously no such cliche. Being a patient suffering from chronic asthama for the past 30 years, i can attest to only one mode of treatment that surpasses the dreaded puff of an inhaler- homoeopathy. Be it the whiff of a cold, or bouts with allergies or rheumatic aches or post-surgical care, the one doctor who has seen me through all the gales has been Dr. Meer, for it is not mere medicines but the healing words of genuine concern and the very familiar understanding smile that assured me time and again, life could truly be lived without pawning onself to the dangers of antibiotics and such western medicines. Today my entire family looks to Dr. Amina Meer's clinic for every given form of malady. Such is the trust we have learnt to invest in her and the results have never left us wanting....

Dr. Sreejith Govindan

(Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal University)

Even though I am a faculty of allopathic medicine, I strongly believe in the effects of homoeopathic medications. I, myself is a patient of Dr. Amina Meer for my chronic sinusitis problem. I can confidently say that my severe sinusitis got a better relief after starting her treatment. Her treatment even cured my migraine as well. My family, especially my children are a fan of her sugar pills. The ‘common cold’ usually troubles the children at their early days of schools. The fact is that there is no drug available to kill the cold virus in allopathic medicine. But homoeopathic management is safe and effective in such situations. My family regularly consults and takes Dr. Amina’s medicines for flu and common cold. The advantages of homoeopathic medicines are their lesser side effects, more patient compliances with increased efficacies.

Vinod John

(Business Account Manager, KarMic, Manipal)

I have been suffering from psoriasis for 10+ years. I have taken allopathy, ayurvedic, naati medicine and also homoeopathy from a reputed homoeopathy centre. Ayurverdic medicine did give me relief to some extent. Allopathy gave me instant cure with methotrexate. But i would reoccur invariably in few weeks or months. Finally I stopped responding to even high dose of methotrexate including injections. Even the UVB phototherapy had adverse effects with complete burning of my whole body skin.

That was when a friend suggested Dr. Amina Meer. I am consulting her from March 2015. I have seen tremendous improvement in my skin from the very first few months. I had patches all over my body including my face. This was a huge social problem with lesions on my face. Dr. Aminas medication almost cured me. My face is completely clear. I am able to wear half sleeve tshirts and shirts which I had stopped many years back as I had patches in my entire arm. I was restricted to wearing trousers and shoes ( even in beaches and pools) as I had bad flaking even in my entire legs. Now I can say its reduced to 10 or 5%. So now I can wear shorts and not feel uncomfortable! Living with psoriasis is a challenge but not too bad. Dr. Amina encouraged weight loss and exercises for a healthy and happy living. I saw a drastic change as I incorporated physical exercise into my routine. As I felt happier and content with myself it motivated me to strive for a healthy living. I started yoga, pranayamas and meditation. This I feel was also a catalyst to the inner healing which Dr. Amina had induced in me. The case studies she took which involved details of personal life, my mind conditioning, my actions and reflexes really brought in a perspective into my whole idea of ageing gracefully.

I had heard homoeopathy cures the system and not just the symptoms. I have seen the results myself and am extremely happy about it. Thanks to Dr. Amina's perseverance to make us feel good about ourselves.